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Welcome to LearnScape's SkillsATLAS!

New Feature Release: We have recently updated how courses are shown and ordered in both the 'Assign Courses' and the 'My Enrolled Courses' screens to improve course selection.

Please note you will now see a shortcut abbreviation of the course Type and Level added for each product assigned to your organization. For example:

(product library)
GED_US-2014 01MA

Number Sense
Les opérations
Number Sense Quiz (GED2014)
(course name)

(US or CA/intl.)
(FRANÇAIS-if French)

(US or CA/intl.)
(FR if in French)
(02) Course Level
(MA) Course Type (e.g. Math, Social, etc.)

The intent of this abbreviation is to provide a more scannable method of finding specific courses for each Learnscape product and improve the sort order.

The anticipated release of the new Canadian and International GED Test Series is still pending. We'll keep you posted!

Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us at

Thank you.
LearnScape Admin